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real southern barbecue menu design
barbecue smoked brisket and ribs platter with pulled pork and sides

We only use meat that we can source from local farms in Kent, this ensures absolute freshness and quality.

The meat is outdoor reared and butchered to our exacting requirements by our local butcher located just 3 miles down the road. From field to plate, we know every step of the process.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us.

The team at Marsons can smoke pretty much anything from lamb to fish to goat to crocodile and even ostrich!


two pulled pork barbecue sandwiches

Boneless ribs

By far the most popular dish we serve. If you love pork ribs as much as us but would rather not deal with the mess and bones. Our boneless ribs are cooked low and slow untill they are so tender, the bones literally fall out! All the rich porky goodness with none of the mess!

homemade pulled pork burger with coleslaw and bbq sauce

Pulled pork

Slow cooked and smoked Memphis style pulled pork! Melting and succulent pork in a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce.

plate of delicious spicy marinated grilled or barbecued spare ribs served with french fries and tomato at a steakhouse or restaurant, close up view


The ultimate finger food! Slow cooked over apple and cherry wood, Marsons pork ribs will have your guests coming back for more. We use spare ribs as opposed to baby backs as we believe the meatier the better!

grilled sausages with rosemary, sweet potato fries, and red onion.


Bangers! We love to cook these over wood, these homemade award winning porky treats are always a hit. If you fancy something a little more unusual, we can also supply pork and apple, chilli pork or even honey and mustard.


homemade smoked barbecue beef brisket with sauce


When you think of low and slow cooking with beef, brisket is normally the top of peoples list. Marsons brisket is seasoned the authentic Texan way with a simple rub of salt and pepper. Our brisket is packed with beefy flavour goodness and will melt in your mouth.


bbq chicken wings with spices and dips


Where would our list be without the humble chicken? Although it maybe doesn’t have the wow factor of a whole brisket, low n’ slow smoked chicken tastes incredible!! We love the thighs at Marsons, but we can serve drumsticks, quarters or indeed whole chickens if required. Chicken is always seasoned with our top secret rub to make sure the chicken flavour really pops!

All meats are accompanied by locally baked rolls and a selection of sauces


We like to let the flavour of our meat do the talking but there are a few sides that just simply have to be on a plate of BBQ smoked food.

salad coleslaw in a wooden bowl


Our homemade slaw is the perfect accompaniment, sweet and crunchy with a little hint of onion from the chives.

greek salad with fresh vegetables, feta cheese and black olives


A cunchy mixed leaf green salad.

homemade barbecue baked beans in a black skillet

BBQ Beans.

We don’t like to anything by halves at Marsons and that includes our homemade beans. Packed with BBQ flavour and just a tiny bit of heat.


We like to keep things simple at Marsons and this includes the prices.
Simply decide how many meats and sides you would like and then look at the list below…..

1 meat and 1 side
£12.00 per head

2 meats and 2 sides
£15.00 per head

3 meats and 3 sides
£20.00 per head

4 meats and 3 sides
£25.00 per head