Amazing Pulled Pork

Amazing Pulled Pork

The perfect pulled pork roll is something that has been hotly debated for many years! In Today’s blog I would like to talk about how we make what we believe, to be the best pulled pork sandwich in Kent and quite possibly the UK!

Pulled pork is traditionally made from the pork butt . Our American cousins call it a pork ‘butt’, in the UK we call it pork shoulder and it’s from the front of the animal. Thinking about it, I have no idea how the term ‘Butt’ was given to a joint of meat from the opposite end to what the name implies! Anyway, we find the top part of the shoulder makes for the best pulled pork but only if it has been cooked the right way, Ill come onto that shortly….

The first step is to apply something to the meat in order that the rub will best adhere to the surface of the shoulder. For this you can use an homemade pulled pork burger with coleslaw and bbq sauceAmerican style mustard or if you want a little bit more of a kick, then English mustard would work well. At Marsons, we use olive oil as it imparts a pleasing flavour, helps the rub stick like glue and less people are allergic to as opposed to mustard (something you have to think about if catering for a large number of guests)


Onto the next step…the rub! Now we use Firefly rubs for the reasons listed on our Ethos page but more than all that, because they taste freaking amazing! Feel free to use any rub of your choice though, whether that’s a homemade or shop bought product. When applying the rub, don’t be shy! The pork shoulder is a big lump of meat and can take ALLOT of rub. After the rub has been applied, we like to wrap ours in Clingfilm and sit in the fridge overnight.


Onto the best part…the cooking! Pork shoulders need to be cooked at a low temperature for a long time. Typically this is around 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit for around 8-10 hours. We cook ours over a wood fired oven using a smoker, this imparts that awesome smoky taste that you have probably experienced from proper pulled pork in the past. However you could cook it in a conventional oven but you would be missing out on that authentic and incredible smoky flavour.


Once the meat hits an internal temperature of around 205 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s time to take it off the smoker and get pulling!! You could use bear claws for this or simply wear nitrile gloves with a cotton liner, this should stop you burning your hands. So to pull or shred it, you literally pull the large chucks into smaller ones. We like to apply a little BBQ sauce at this stage for an extra little kick of flavour. Once pulled, serve in a freshly baked roll with a big dollop of homemade coleslaw.

There you have it guys!  What we believe will be some of the best pulled pork you would have ever tasted!

p.s. If you like the sound of pulled pork for an event you are planning but don’t want the headache of cooking that much meat. Get in touch and we would be only too happy to provide you a quotation for the catering.