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We believe in leaving the smallest footprint possible on the environment.

To help us achieve this we only use fully biodegradable packaging and cutlery. You can enjoy your Marsons BBQ with the peace of mind that the environment will be no worse off for it.

We only use meat that we can source from local farms in Kent, this ensures absolute freshness and quality. The meat is outdoor reared and butchered to our exacting requirements by our local butcher located just 3 miles down the road. From field to plate, we know every step of the process.

The hardwood we use is always locally sourced from sustainable woodlands. We tend to favour fruit woods at Marsons so cherry, plum and apple are our favourites. We are proud to supply only British hard and fruitwoods.

All of our smoking chunks are post code marked so we know where in the UK they come from. By using these smoking chunks we hope to promote the positive management of British broadleaf woodlands

We only use Firefly rubs and sauces as we believe they are the best available bar none. Check out below to see why……

✔ Great Taste Award Winners

In 2017 we were awarded 5 Great Taste awards for our product in out first year, and we are one of the few who won 5.

✔ Highest Quality Ingredients
Firefly Barbecue use only the highest quality herbs and spices, sourced responsibly from around the world. Non-irradiated, carefully packed and sealed for amazing flavour.

✔ Blended & Packed with in the UK
We are proud to say that our spice mixes are 100% blended and packed in the UK, supporting UK business.

✔ No MSG ✔ No fillers ✔ No Artificial colours ✔ Phosphates ✔ Sulphates
✔Gluten Free   ✔ Vegetarian

Although we are based in Kent, Marsons are happy to travel far and wide to bring the taste of the deep south to your event.

Wedding & Event Catering in Tunbridge Wells & Kent
real southern barbecue design with cow skull, stars and the phrase for best results, serve with beer
Ribs cooking over a wood fire