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Welcome to Marsons BBQ & Grill…

We offer a smoked bbq catering service for any size event that will be sure to have you your guests drooling with delight. We at Marsons are passionate about offering authentic southern states smoked meats cooked over wood fires.

If you have never tried low n’ slow smoked meat cooked over wood, you are certainly in the right place! At Marsons, we prefer to smoke over cherry, plum and apple. this imparts a wonderful flavour onto the meat. Our American cousins seem to prefer oak and hickory but we have found these can be a little overpowering for UK taste buds.

If you have tried our tasty dishes in the past and would like some slow cooked BBQ goodness delivered your door, we offer that as well! The events we cater for range from corporate to birthdays to festivals to weddings and even the odd christening! We are able to feed hungry crowds from 30 to 500 people, Marsons are the natural choice when selecting a BBQ caterer for your event.

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